Is it really worth it?


We mean: recycling.
This is the issue the most of us have been wondering about.

To us, the answer is: yes it worth it.

To be honest, the more you examine the entire lifecycle of a product, the more you realise that one way or another waste is always created: even when recycling, downcycling and upcycling.

In this very moment, we have to ask ourselves what is the first step we can make to change the situation: it’s a day by day project which faces the now for the next.
Recycling is not the perfect solution, but it’s a step forward: meantime technology and research will improve and we’ll find other ways to preserve Earth health.

Today we want you to know that recycle doesn’t just mean PET.
It means polyamide as well.

This is why we went for a recycled polyamide fiber which is obtained from regenerated row material through a sustainable process.

If you are you looking for a perfect-fit, bright and resilient yarn, then we have it!

Over 40s, polyamide has been described as “as solid as steel, as thin as a cobweb, still more elastic than any natural fiber”: and it still is.

Our choice went for tights and knee-high, which come in 20, 40 and 80 dens: we wanted to match the needs of a quite wide range of women and their different life styles.

Super softness and silky touch are the very first features you get by touching our recycled polyamide products: they come with a very good comfort supported by the perfect stretch. Some more intrinsic characteristics are good mechanical, friction, traction and ripping resistances: this means it’s a bold product for everyday life.

This versatile product comes with OEKO-TEX certification.

We remind you that our products are piece dyed so you can ask for any colour.

And what about asking for a sample?
DROP US A LINE (including your name – company name – phone number and a full address) at and we’ll quickly deliver it at yours.