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Introducing our new sustainable hosiery range

There’s a worldwide problem.
Just two words to describe such a huge affaire we are all touched by: plastic pollution.

And when I say we are involved, I really mean it. It’s not just a matter of floating bottles on oceans, creating scary synthetic isles: plastic is not only killing sea life but it’s also getting in food pyramids. This means we are eating it.

We are still on time for doing something about it and change the perspective and how this might affect our future: if we still want to have one. As humans and as hosiery industry.

A problem that has to be faced and still can be solved with an effort and a revolution which involves innovation, technology, care for the world we live in and vision.

A crab is floating in the ocean trapped in a plastic glass


Such a overused term which might sound just trendy: well it’s not. It’s not a marketing affair: it’s the only way to get out of the mess we have created over more than 70 years of plastic hyper production.

The one we want to introduce today is polyester made and comes from wasted plastic bottles. A long working (and environmentally friendly) process allows to get the best out of rubbish: it sounds weird but that’s the way it is.


We have chosen this yarn because of its softness and durability. It comes both in nanofiber or multifiber: it is as smooth as heaven, matching lightness with an excellent close to wool thermal insulation, which makes it a suitable product for facing northern Europe heavy winters. Easy to wash in laundry machine, it dries very quickly as well and has good properties against mold and bacteria. Last but not least, as polyester it guarantees an excellent perspiration.

Our polyester hosiery range includes tights and knee highs: they come in 50 and 80 dens, both in ladies and children size and can be dyed in any colour. All of them are OEKO TEX certified.

Undistinguishable from traditional petrochemical based yarns, polyester comes from a firm that recycles and converts over 2 million bottles per day: compared to conventional PET manufacturing, water consumption is 86% less and energy conservation is 75% less with a massive improvement in reduction of landfills.

So, are you willing to join us in this new adventure for taking care of the world?
Don’t wait too long: time is running out.
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